Warehouse & Fulfillment

Dispatch on Demand

Print Vision is the first company to introduce a “Dispatch on Demand” program on a worldwide scale. We can ship a single book or an entire container, worldwide within hours. Using our geographical advantage we can save you money by not having to re-route shipment from your warehouse, to different corners of the world.

This revolutionary program is designed to address two main concerns for global distribution of books

- Long transit times for international shipping
- High cost of shipping

With Dispatch on demand, you give us the list of places and the quantity of books for each of them. We will ship them directly to your customers under your name. This simultaneously addresses both the problems of time and money.

International Freight Service

We can ship worldwide using both Air & Sea freight services. There are several instances where we have even provided partial shipping of an order using both these services simultaneousl. There are times when you may require only a few copies on an urgent basis and the rest later, in these situations Print Vision arranges to deliver your urgent requirement though air freight, where as the rest is shipped using sea freight.

This sort of flexibility allows our clients to take advantage of our low cost-performance pricing and at the same time allows them to fulfill their immediate requirement.

Air:- When the order size is limited and time is crucial air freight option works best. We have partnered with UPS for world wide expedited shipping services. Tracking number, insurance, customaized packing solutions all are provided with each shipment. Print Vision strictly adheres to ISO standards for packing and shipping items, which makes sure that premium quality packing material is used and the entire process is well documented and monitored for quality.

Sea shipping:- The most economical way to send large shipments around the world is by ship. We work with several world class shipping agencies such as Maersk, K&L etc for sea shipping. Once again the entire shipping process is closely monitored and documented in accordance with ISO standards. Heavy duty 7 ply cartons are used and each carton is boxed with humidity free paper for maximum safety from sea born humidity.

Print Vision uses bio friendly pallets which are pre-fumigated, as its required by most countries these days. Utmost care is taken by keeping the convenience of the end user in mind to the extent that we take into account that the carton weight doesn’t exceed a certain limit. This makes shipping them within the respective country using local couriers much easier and hassle free.