Quality Policy

Attaining high quality is a goal for every printer. It takes more than good paper, and press to achieve the desired result. It takes the human element to achieve the final touch of perfection, which we use for every job.

Print vision has an exemplary track record for quality output in both printing and binding. Our commitment towards excellence for any product has stood for 40 years and continues to this date. We believe that quality can’t be attained as a one day’s mission, but is a life long commitment.

We have implemented several steps such as ISO certification, monitoring systems and even manual quality checks after every process. We have an ongoing program which educates our workforce to look for errors, mistakes and quality issues in a printed product.

Process of quality assurance:

By setting Standard

Quality parameters have been set as per the ISO 9002 international quality system and have been certified from BSI India Pvt. Ltd. The standard is being serviced from time to time whenever there is some improvement or modification in the system.

We are a part of the Customers Team

We see ourselves as a part of our customer’s team, and ad value in various capacities.

Ensuring adherence of the standard

Periodical audit of the system standard is being conducted to check the compliance of the standard.

Corrective and Preventive Action

Every customer complaint is being thoroughly investigated by QA for its origin and reason. Necessary corrective and preventive action is taken in consultation with the concerned department to prevent a recurrence.