Binding Equipments

Stahl folder

The best in its class our stahl folders provide precise folding at highest speeds, combining both quality and producitivity.

- Combination folder with buckle and knife
- Multiple buckle plates with two parallel knives
- Production speed of upto 12,000 sheets per hour
- Full size capacity of upto 28 X 40” sheet

WellBound perfect binding machine –
year 2007

Latest addition to our perfect binding line, this machine is solely focused towards high quality perfect binding books. Since the machine is single clamp its not a mass production but when it comes to quality it still remains unmatched.

- Single clamp Perfect Binder with easily adjustable book clamp
- Milling station with cutter, notching teeth and a powerful dust extractor
- Grinding wheel attachment for pad making
- Gluing station with Single Roller and Scraper mechanism. Doctor blades provided for increasing or decreasing adhesive layers
- Cover nipping station with facility to control the nipping pressure
- Timers for adjusting feed-in-time, cover nipping duration and delivery

Polar Cutters with program

These are the best cutters available in the international market.. Print Vision houses two such cutters, one is dedicated towards supply of virgin paper to our offset machines and 2nd is for the post press production.

- Pressure adjustable clamps
- Multiple safety features
- Program storage capacity upto 100 jobs
- Full cutting size for 28 X 40” sheets

Fortec Case Binding

Print Vision is steadily increasing market share in publication and book printing market. This machine is one of the first steps towards gaining high quality post press capability and to deliver highest quality product at the most cost effective pricing.

- Semi Automatic case binding
- Pasting with hot melt glue
- Quick heat dryers for pasting printed sheets on case
- Glazed rubber rollers for uniform pressure


High quality gloss & Matt lamination machine is part of our in-house post press production unit.
Book covers, tiles, brochures etc can be laminated using this equipment, thus saving time and streamlining the process.

Qty Description Size Origin
Binding Section
One Perfect Binding machine Indian
Two Automatic Stitching Machine Indian
One Muller Martini Sewing Machine ModelFD /3253 Germany
One Fully Automatic STAHL Folding Machine 28” x 40” Germany
Two Automatic Punching Machine Indian
Two Pollar Cutting Machine 107 42” Germany
Pollar Mohr cutting machine with programe 45” Germany
One Lamination Machine 30”x 40” Indian
One Plastic Strapping Machine –Eagle Indian
One Shrink Wrapping Machine Indian
One Automatic Creasing Machine Indian
One Perforation Machine Indian
Two Wire’o Binding machine Indian
Two Hydraulic Pressing Machine Indian