Book Binding

Print Vision boasts one of the most comprehensive binding department in the state. Our infrastructure and investment dwarfs even dedicated binding units in the state.

Any type of book binding such as case, perfect, saddle stitching, wire-o, comb and spiral binding all are handled at our in-house facility.

We have automatic perfect binding and case binding equipment that ensure fast turn around and unmatched quality. With an array of Stahl folders, stitching equipment and laminations machines there isnt a single bindery operation that cant be handled inhouse.

The most comprehensive in-house bindery to this date is at Print Vision, which ensures complete quality satisfaction to customers who prefer quality over everything else.

Hand Fabrication

The most unique feature of Print Vision is our hand fabrication unit.

If you are looking for something out of the box, than we are the company for you. If you want to create something that will not attract attention but demand it, than our hand fabrication unit is the option for you. Every one can put ink on paper, but not many can give it a shape that defines its purpose. We can add value to your item by giving it a different shape, by putting ad-ons that will make it different and thus provide a level of value added service, that perhaps no other printer can provide.

We can create things such as designer boxes, organizers, embroidered diaries etc, which cant be made by any machine and are very labor intensive. One of the best hand fabrication teams in India is currently working with Print Vision, making us one of the most versatile production houses in the world.

Some of our largest orders for hand fabrication items are in

- Designer boxes
- Hand made diaries & organizers
- Pop-ups
- Stand alone units
- Stationary items
- Pen stands

Drop in an email and ask us what we can do for you?