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The Mitsubishi Diamond 3000

  • Print what you want, how you want and when you want

  • The full digital transformation unfolding


A product of the best manufacturing techniques with innovative technologies


  • Printing with technology greater than CPC or CP Tronics
  • Printing from 40 to 600 gsm stock
  • Printing speed of 16,000 copies per hour
  • Printing possible at 600 lpi and FM screen
  • Automatic plate locking and registration
  • One stop print to a production stop


Vacuum feeder tapes

Implementing air power as the new means for minimizing sheet misalignment. To ensure reliable sheet-feeding performance regardless of the stock caliper, tape vacuum pressure can be easily adjusted.


Double size impression and transfer cylinders / 7 clock arrangement

The machine achieves smooth and highly reliable sheet travel by employing double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders configured in a 7 o’clock arrangement with the single-diameter plate and blanket cylinders. This system also enhances printing quality since transfer occurs only after the sheet has been fully printed.


Automatic plate changing system

The new plate changing system greatly simplifies plate-changing tasks and contributes inaccurate and very fast make ready time. The complete plate changing process from plate removal to plate wrap-up takes less than a minute per unit.


Great service, as always. Have used them for years for all our printing needs and have never had a problem.
Amit Patel
Fantastic quality. Great, fast service. Easier to coordinate with Falit and Team and we get personalized services always. Would...
Riki Roy
Been using their printing services for years, fantastic service and great value.
Reema Shah
Marketing Manager
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